ColorOS Devices face lock add & set any ColorOS Device

Jai Mata Di / Hello friends today, we will talk about face lock, face lock on today's date, we get to see every mobile, but many of us also use mobiles in which we do not get to see face lock, then this article Those people who have a complete face lock article in their mobile and will give full information about setting up the lock in the earle

Face Lock Add
First of all, we have to add face lock for this, we have to install an application that without that app we will not be able to use face lock, then we have to search for greed app in Google, we will get the app, we will download it if we download the app Having trouble downloading, we have the option to download it, from that we can download the app, now we have to use the app in this way, we know step by step Sector

Step 1
Now we have to install the app and open the app. As soon as we open the app, we have to open the mobile data and allow the permission to be seen. We will not pay attention

Step 2
Now we will come to the page, with the help of this app, we can also put a face lock on our phone app, which is quite a good thing, now we have to click on dot 3 and kick on the locked option and we will get the app We have to download the data base of the next page, we have to take face pulses in the next page, whichever mobile will be ours and we have to take the face lock pulses like we have to put in every mobile

Now we can check the face lock whether the Face Lock Proper is working or if there is any problem you can comment us. We try our best to solve the problem

oppo face lock add & set any oppo,
face lock,
face lock add & set any oppo,
You have to wait 20 seconds.

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