ColorOS Devices Notification Light Enable And On

Jai Mata Di / Hello friends, how are you all hope that you guys will talk today, how to turn on the notification light for ColorOS devices, we are going to tell all the information in this article.

What is Notification Light
First of all, we know what is this notification light, what is the notification light like whatsapp messages in our phone, whatsapp messages, facebook messages and even more social messages, then we will be able to see light on our coloros phone so that we can see our The phone has received a message notification

Notification Light
So friends, we have understood that what is the notification light, now let's talk about how we will set such a way, first of all we have to install an application whose name is notification light, we will get to see a lot of applications in the Google Play Store. We will have to install the working app, we will get the download link in this article, from that we will download the app after that and give further information. See

Flash blinks when have Call, SMS or Notification, Light, Beautiful and Smooth
About new Flash Notification version:

Flash Notification have new light design follow material design, so beautiful
Easy to use
Notification for all App
You can select app to enable flash alerts for.
All app is supported
Common feature
Blink flash alerts when have call
Blink flash alerts when have SMS
Ringing flashlight when phone have incoming Call and incoming SMS and Notification
You can turn on or turn off service by manual over device status sound mode as Ring, Vibrate or Silent mode

Allow change speed of flash light alert
Stop flash alerts with volume or power key
Turn off flash alerts when battery low, help you save battery

This app uses Accessibility services.

As we talked today, if you have any kind of problem about the Notification Light of ColorOS Devices, then you can comment on us, we will do a complete investigation. For more information about solving your problem, you can see our YouTube channel Ritik Technical Support Can till

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