Internal To SD Card All Data Memory Card Save Convert

Jai Mata Di Hello friends, today we will talk about the Internal To SD Card. This is a topic, it is very useful for the devices, they usually have very simple settings, but there are some such devices in which it is very difficult like we are in Oppo or Realme. Talking about mobile, we do not get to see such settings in them, then what should we do step by step, we will get the information, see the article completely

How To Enable Setting internal To SD Card
To do this work, we have to download an application, we have to download an application from the Google Play Store, we will not find it in the Play Store, we will have to download it from Google, we will get the download option below. We will download the app

internal To SD Card
Now we have to open the app by downloading and now we know what to do, so first of all we have to install the app and open the app.

Step 1
As soon as we open the app, we have to allow certain permissions to see the terms and conditions, now we have to click on dot 3 and select the rotten card.

Now whatever we download will be downloaded in the card and our phone storage will be empty, so that our phone and smooth work will be done.

Internal To SD Card All Data Memory Card Save,
Internal To SD Card,
You have to wait 20 seconds.

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