Slow Motion And Fast Motion Mode ColorOS Devices

Jai Mata Di / Hello friends, today we will talk about the slow motion mode of Android device because we know that slow motion mode is not available in every device. If talked about, these features are present in premium devices,So now the question is that if we do not get the slow motion then what will we have to do if we have to take advantage of the slow motion mode in all the devices then see this article in full

How To Enable Slow Motion
First of all we need to download the app, without the app, we cannot add slow motion mode, only we will download the app, we can also download the app from Google Play Store without any hassle by clicking in the download option below. We will download that we get a lot of apps in our play stores, but the app we are telling you is a dam people, now know what to do next step by step Land

How To Use Slow Motion
Now we will open the app and what to setup, open the app, first time we open the app, so we have to allow some permission which we will be able to see by looking at the trans & condition

Step 1
We have to open the app, we get to see a lot of options in this option, all of which are very good in themselves, but our personal theme is if we see slow motion, as soon as we open the app, we will do many View Filters If you get the look, this app is the best of the two, first our theme is Slow Motion and Sound Fast Motion which is very good in you. So if we want, we can also record fast motion Bali videos, which is a very good thing.

Step 2
First of all we will bring 2 options First Fast & Second Slow Motion, so you can choose according to your own but our topic was slow motion so we will select slow motion and create a video and filter & our slow motion video ready & We can slow this video down as much as you can and you can do it, which is a good thing, hope you all have to explain the article, whatever the comment, so that your Problems soon as possible to be resolved soon and you should have no problem to people. Click the option and download the application
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slow motion mode,
You have to wait 20 seconds.

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