Volume Control Panel in ColorOS Devices

Jai Mata Di / The ultimate system volume, media & brightness control app!

Volume Control Panel is designed to work as a replacement to the system volume control overlay or along side it, with multiple customisation options, all 6 system volume controls instantly available at a click (Call & Cast are only shown when needed) with the extra added bonus of a screen brightness control.

Replace the system panel with the Volume Button Override option or launch the panel from the non obtrusive floating trigger, extra handy if your volume keys are worn or damaged.

Key Features:
An Android 9/10 inspired Volume Control Panel, Instant opening, Works in Lock Screen, Override volume keys, Optional Swipe Up/Down floating trigger, Open from launcher or other app, Choose Media or Ring as the default button response, Configurable Dark/Light Modes, Auto Dark/Light Mode (Android 9+), Custom vibration intensity, Custom animation durations, Start collapsed or expanded, Left or Right handed mode, Left or Right handed in landscape, Left or right trigger, The panel will open on the same side as the trigger when launched from the trigger, Custom vertical position, Custom panel timeout, Media control from your volume panel, Screen brightness control, Swap/Invert Buttons, Force close system dialog, Custom background, slider & icon colours, Adjustable panel height & width, Adjustable panel margin, Option to exclude from certain applications, Volume streams: Cast, Media, Ring, Notification (If Supported), Call & Alarm, Bluetooth volume control, Quick Settings Pull-down Tiles, Pinned Launcher Shortcuts (Oreo+), Screen Shot button (Android 9+), Google Assistant Buttons, Bluetooth Toggle, Flashlight Toggle, Optional Audio Feedback, 2 different slider styles.
Quick Access Icons (in the panel)
(1) Instant access to alarm clock & alarm status.
(2) Mute microphone in call.
(3) Mute media or casting streams.
(4) Switch between speaker/earpiece when in call.
(5) Toggle between Ring, Vibrate or do Not Disturb (Silent).
(6) Screen Shot (Android 9+).

Quick Settings Pull Down Tiles:
(1) Mute Media.
(2) Toggle Ring Mode.
(3) Launch Volume Panel.

Launcher Shortcuts:
(1) Mute Media.
(2) Toggle Ring Mode.
(3) Launch Volume Panel.

Notification Volume
If the Notification Panel is enabled and splitting ring & notification is supported by the system, ring & notification are independent, if the notification panel is hidden, both stream's are tied together and follow ring volume.

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