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Jai Mata Di / Today we will know about the theme store of Oppo Realme as we know a few days ago we got to see the update, due to which we were unable to use the third party theme and we faced a lot of trouble today we In which we can also use the third party theme without having to see the article without any problem.

Step 1
First of all, we have to download the theme store, which we do not have any problem, we have to download the theme store that we are telling us in the Google Play store. There is a download option.

Step 2
Download and install the theme store without any hassle & we have to open the theme store, in this theme store we can see some changes like in the place of application, we get to see new fonts and new themes wallpapers. Now we can use any type of theme

Step 3
In this theme store, we can get to see a trial problem in 5 and we are getting to see a trail problem in 5, so what do we do, what will we do that we will apply in whatever it was, after 5 minutes we will automatically get a hat in it. What to do that we do not see this problem, we know in the next step

Step 4
To fix the trail trouble in 5, we have to open our Security Center app, which is the default app, Oppo Realme, we have to open this app and we have to hide the theme store so that we don't have this problem

Any Problem
Download the below theme store, no problem, do not forget to comment on us, we will try to solve your problems till then liye.

working Theme Store OPPO & Realme,
Theme Store OPPO & Realme,
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