Samsung Galaxy Note 20 And Note 20 Ultra Leak Launch And Specification, Price Special Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 And Note 20 Ultra Leak Launch And Specification, Price Special Features


Jai Mata Di / Samsung has again brought a phone that is competing with the i phone. Since samsung has come back, it has brought such a tremendous phone that has broken the back of brhi brhi companies, samsung has brought such a phone. The phone in front of which the phone has failed brhe brhe, the phone which has been brought with samsung, its name is Samsung galaxy note 20, which is very filtering, in today's time people are liking samsung more because samsung is the first I brought my touch screen phone when some other company Mr. translation was that a Samsung came up to give tough ,, between samsung down also on Samsung company guts not hari towards giving such amazing phone again today who break the remaining waist ,,

More people like to buy samsung phones because samsung has been running for quite a while, when the keypad phones used to run, it was samsung who used to bring the touch screen wale phone, since then people like samsung till date,

Samsung has launched such phones which are giving equality to the latest i phone phones, even today there are many people who prefer to take only samsung's phone because samsung's phone is on camera number 1, , Let's know what is special about this mobile in full detail, what is its price in this phone and what is such qualities

If we talk about the design of samsung note 20 then the complete glass design will be curved glass design from behind and the display that will be curved will also be


And if we talk about the front display, then the whole punch 2 display will be seen like you got in galaxy note 10, but the size of the whole punch is going to be smaller than before.

Talk about its display, it is a 17.44 centimeter 6.9 inch dynamic amoled display with capacitive touchscreen 3200 x1440 pixels resolution ,, so remember one thing, you will get better than the display you have received in the note 20.


If we talk about the processor of this phone, then it has done amazingly, which is coming in 5g support, the whole series of Samsung note 20 will be seen in the exynos processor like this phone is Android V10.0, 2.73 Ghz + 2.5GHz exynos 990 octacore with processor ,,


The main highlighting point of this phone is not its camera, in this, you will get to see four cameras, the first one will be 108 megapixel sensor, this is the first sensor of 108 megapixel which you will get to see in galaxy note 20 ultra You will get the feature of 8k video recording ,, you will get 48 megapixel telecamera ,, If you zoom in, I think you will get achi quality in it too, because there is 108 megapixel camera, also in video recording, portraid mode. will get ,,
Even the selfi camera has also come up, which is 40 megapixel,


Talk about its battery which is going to be support for 4800 mah, fast charging will also be supported, wireless charging will also be supported, overall, this phone is going to be the most popular smartphone of 2020,


Lastly, talk about its storage, which I found the most amazing thing is that its RAM is 12 GB so much RAM, no phone has come yet, talk about its ROM, which is 128Gb expandable upto 1TB ,, if compare with note 20 plus So this mobile is very high ,,


You must have liked this phone a lot, talk overal, this is the Second 2020 phone that is coming in 5G, camera, storage has done so much and the design will be less as much as praise,
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 And Note 20 Ultra Leak Launch And Specification, Price Special Features,
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 And Note 20 Ultra,
Samsung Galaxy Note 20,

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