Split Screen Multiple Screen Enable Features Any Android Devices

Manage split screen sessions

Jai Mata Di / Screens allows you to quickly enter splitscreen mode with pre selected apps. It creates shortcuts that can be used from any launcher. This might be good for productivity or having SeriesGuide and Kore at the same time.

This app uses Accessibility services. Accessibility services are required to enable Multi window automatically, if you don't want to provide this open source app with the permission you will need to manually hold the recents button when prompted.

Multi Window : Split Screen (Multi Tasking)
Now you can use two apps or more than two apps at a single screen.
You can use multiple apps at a time in a Screen and no need to switch tasks.
You Can Also Create Shortcuts Of Your Installed System Apps Icon Into Multi Window Tray.
And By Clicking On These Shortcuts Icons, You Can Easily Switch From One Task To Another During.

Multi Window Apps Features ::

  • Always on top of all apps.
  • You can re size apps.
  • Minimize and Swap Right to maximize.
  • Multi Tasking : Use two or more than apps in a single screen

Split Screen Multiple Screen Enable Features Any Android Devices,
Split Screen Multiple Screen,
Split Screen Multiple Screen Enable,
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