What is blogging? How to start your blog in 2020 beginner

Jai Mata Di / If you are reading this article. So this means you want to know what is a blog and how to make your own blog. Or it may be that you already have some information about the blog and you want to increase your knowledge further. If you read this article carefully then I claim that you will be able to start your blog and blogging career easily.

I will tell this topic to you through different posts, so if you want to get complete information about blogging and how to start your own blog, then visit this blog from time to time, and more and more Gather information about blogging. Then according to that information, start your blogging career and your blog and start earning through your blog. So let's start friends. Know this topic and first of all, what is a blog.

What is Blog?
Friends blog is a platform where you can express your knowledge in your own words and inform your users about that thing. Whatever subject you have good knowledge about, you can start your own blog related to that topic, and can give information to your users.
Friends, in this post I will tell you what things you will need to start your blog and how you can get those things.

If you are just starting your blogging career then I will advise you that you should not think of investing too much in the beginning. If you want, you can also start your blogging career for free. And when you feel that your blog is going very well, then if you want, you can make your blog even better by investing some in it. So these are some of the things that you need to start a blog.

How to create a blog
If you are determined to make a blog, then let us take this journey forward, and know about the basic things that are needed to create a successful blog.

The first step in creating a blog is on which subject the blog should be made. You can create your own blog on whatever subject you have good knowledge in. You can also increase your knowledge by reading other people's blogs.

The most important thing to create a successful blog is the content written in the blog. You should write your article in detail so that the reader can understand it.

Types of the blog
We cannot count the types of blogs in points, because any blog can be on any topic, and it can also be on a part of a topic. Therefore, there are several types of blogs, some of which are mentioned below about the main types of blogs.
  • Personal Blog - In a personal blog you can write about your personality and yourself.
  • Business Blog - If you do a business, you can create a blog for your business.
  • News (News) blog - Through the news blog, you can inform the public with fresh new news.
  • Technical Blog - If you have any kind of technical knowledge, then you can create your own technical blog.
  • Niche Blog - Niche blog is short form of big blog, in which you can tell about a part of a big topic.
  • Guest Blog - Through Guest Blog, you can invite writers to a blog and tell their experience and knowledge through them.
  • Affiliate Blog - If you want to earn by promoting a product, then you can also create an affiliate blog.
  • Media Blog - You can reach people through internet by putting videos, photos and songs in media blog.
  • Travel Blog - If you are fond of traveling then you can create a travel blog about your travels.
  • Micro Blog - In Micro Blog you can write articles on any one small topic. Nowadays microblog is becoming very famous.
Blog Name (Domain Name)
By the way, if you want, you can create your blog for free on Blogspot. But I will not advise you to make your blog on Blogspot for free. Because if you start your blog in Blogspot, then there are many restrictions in it so that you will not be able to run your blog in a good way. So first you register a domain name.

You can take any extension of your domain ie extension .com, .in, .org, .net, .xyz, run, etc. If you want to register your blog by dotcom name, then companies like BigRock and Godaddy give you dot com domain for just 2 $ to 4 $. (Domain Register in 2 $ Only) That is, you will get your domain name in 2 $ to 4 $ rupees.

When registering a domain name, keep in mind that your domain name is related to the topics in your block. So friends, your first step is complete, let's move to the second step.

Web Hosting
Web hosting is where you will publish your articles, photos and files. From where any user can view, read and download the posts, photos and tiles of your website. For web hosting, I will tell you about two types of web hosting here, of which the first web hosting is absolutely free. Which gives you blogspot, read this post about how you will setup free web hosting on blogspot. Host your blog for free at Blogspot.

Other hosting in which you may have to invest a little bit. Nowadays, many websites offer online hosting that you can get from 3 $ to ₹ 5 $ a month. You can take paid hosting of any company and start your own blog. So friends, in this task of blogging, our two important points have been completed, let's move towards the third point. Best Web Hosting for Blogger

Blogging Platforms
On which platform should you make your blog articles public, and which platform is the best. To start blogging, friends, if you have taken free hosting, then Blogger gives you two things at once. First free hosting, second blogging platform. That is, if you are using free hosting in Blogspot, then you do not need to take any separate blogging platform.

And if you are taking tree hosting then you have to install blogging platform in your hosting. The best blogging platform is WordPress. WordPress is available for free. Install WordPress in your hosting. If you want to learn how to install WordPress in hosting then read this post. How to install wordpress

After that you can set the basic things you need in WordPress. For example, if you make your blog name, blog URL and some settings, then your blogging platform is ready. So let's go ahead now.

Article or Post Publishing and Writing
When you set up your blog, then the next most important thing in it is your articles. Whatever topic you are writing an article about. First get complete information about that topic. If you want, you can read different blogger's opinion by searching about that topic in Google. And then you can make your article by reading all those topics.

Keep in mind that you should not copy the article from anywhere. Whatever you write, write in your words, write according to your knowledge. Do not copy articles from any other blog from anywhere.

When you start your blog, keep adding articles to your block continuously. Do not do this by putting 5-7 in 1 day and sit silent for 1 to 2 months, and then again stop putting articles again by putting 8-10 articles together, never do this. Whenever you start your blog, definitely publish an article in it continuously for 7 to 10 days.

Publish your articles one by one and keep publishing continuously. So that your visitors (visitors) feel that you are constantly bringing new information. And your visitors kept coming to your blog continuously. Which will increase the visitors of your blog.

The conclusion
So friends, these were four important things to start blogging. If you start your blog or blogging career keeping these four things in mind, then you can make your blog very popular in future. And you can also earn from this blog.

Friends, if you have any question related to starting blogging, do not forget to comment in the comment box below. I will do my best to reply to your comment. And will help you in every way to start your blogging career.
What is blogging? How to start your blog in 2020 beginner,
What is blogging,
How to start your blog in 2020 beginner,

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