How to run Samsung Galaxy battery for 2 to 3 days Hidden Tricks (English)

Jai Mata Di / Hello guys, today we will talk about how we were able to run the battery for 2 to 3 days in a samsung galaxy device with some hidden trick

This topic is new and not many people know

But in today's video, we will talk about this topic

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So guys first we have to open the settings

Now we click in the battery option and we have to change some settings like

Clicking on power mode option to select optimized

And enable adaptive power saving option below

Now we have to come back and click in the app power management option

And enable both the first and second option

We have to do these settings and follow the next steps.

For this, we will need an application Nmae Battery Doctor

Whose link will be found in the description My Youtube Channel

Now to open the application end

We get many options in this application.

As we can see

We have to click in the setting and enable run saver mode automatically by clicking in the battery saver option

Now we will notice that the battery of our phone has increased a lot.

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