Xiaomi MIUI 13 tees leaked, may launch soon

Jai Mata Di / China's smartphone company Xiaomi has introduced its new smartphone Mi 19 Youth Edition. Apart from mobile, the company has also launched MIUI 13. The user interface in MIUI 13 has been significantly changed and many modes like fitness features have been given along with dark mode. Let's know about the top features of MIUI 13

Key UI - After the new update, you will see the interface of the settings changed. The background will blur in real time during the shutdown of the app. Apart from this, many types of animations will also be available for app closing.

Dark Mode 2.0- Xiaomi already released System Wide Dark Mode, but now Dark 2.0 has been released with MIUI 13. Dark has been readable in the new update. In this, the font size and contrast will be adjusted automatically.

With Global Free Window- MIUI 13 you will be able to reply to messages and WhatsApp even in small windows. You will get the benefit of this during calling and gaming. This feature will work with all the apps present in the phone.

Mi Health- Mi Health app was first seen in the beta beta of MIUI developer last year, but now the company has officially released it with MIUI 13. The Mi Health app in the phone will track the steps, sleep and exercises of the users.

Privacy- In the new update, many changes have also been made regarding privacy. Like Apple and Oppo's phones, you will be able to create a virtual ID in Xiaomi's phone as well. Apart from this, many types of controls have been given to the users regarding data sharing with the app.
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