Oppo Android 11(R) Color OS 8.0 Update : Supported Devices List and Release Date

 Google has finally released the Android 11 beta update for the Pixel lineup of devices and some other smartphone OEMs are also developing their own custom skin with all Android 11 merchandise until the stable version released in September 2020. The stable update to Android 11 is in the form of release. After a few months, it is clear that most smartphone users who are already running on Android 10 are also awaiting Android 11 update. Oppo device users are no exception here. See Oppo Android 11 ColorOS 8 Update Tracker: Supported Devices and Release Date.

So, ColorOS 8 will be based on Android 11 and its features which is scheduled to be released in November 2020. However, no official announcement is available from Oppo yet. But following the trend of ColorOS 7 release following the launch of Android 10, it is hinting that ColorOS 8 will be two months away from the launch of the stable version of Android 11. Now, take a look at Android R features below.

Android 11 features

Google recently released the first public beta of Android 11 and Pixel 2 or above models so that users can easily flash the firmware to get its initial flavor. Needless to say that Android 11 is the successor to Android 10 with much improved features, UI changes and a bunch of additional features.

  • Quick Controls
  • Chat bubbles
  • App Suggestions
  • Built-in screen recorder
  • Improved music control
  • Improved voice accessibility
  • Mute notification during video recording
  • Improved touch sensitivity
  • Notification history
  • Auto revoke app permissions
  • Redesigned power menu
  • New text selection mode
  • Undo recently closed apps
  • Dismiss persistent app notifications
  • Improved gestures control
  • Airplane mode improving kill Bluetooth
  • Pixel theme clocks
  • Improved Motion Sense for Pixel 4
  • Improved face unlock
  • Pinned app in the share menu
  • Enhanced notification shade conversations
  • Improved voice access capability
  • Improved system-wide dark mode
Importance in ColorOS 8?

ColorOS 8, as the name suggests, is the successor version of ColorOS 7, which is likely to be released in November 2020. It will be based on Android 11 goodies with some design changes that will change the look of the new custom skin. The upcoming ColorOS 8 version will run on all upcoming and eligible Oppo devices respectively. The all new skin version will have a lot of improvements and features which we have briefly mentioned below.

ColorOS 8 Expected Features

It is very straightforward that ColorOS 8 will be based on Android 11 (R) features. So, native Android 11 features would be expected with some improvements or additional features.

Improved Dark Mode: System-wide Dark Mode is one of the most highlighted features for users on Android 10, and ColorOS 8 (Android 11) is also going to include an improved system-wide Dark Mode that only allows the entire system, Runs on the app, etc. In addition, users will get the option to schedule dark mode timing on a day / night basis and will also be the base automatically.

Better battery backup: Upcoming ColorOS 8 better battery life than the current ColorOS 7 version.

Double-tap gestures: The double-tap gesture feature of Android 11 will also come on ColorOS 8. In this case, double-tapping on the backside of the phone will turn on Google Assistant, camera, and other applications.

One-Time App Permission: With the ColorOS 8 version, users can easily allow the One-Time App and it will ask for permission every time it needs a system user.

Go Back Gesture: Going back gesture gesture is followed by the release of enhanced swipe gesture navigation. But with ColorOS 8, we can expect to see sensitivity sliders that will control the go back gesture. There will be two sliders for both the left and right sides.

ColorOS 8 Release Date

As we mentioned above, ColorOS 8 is expected to be released somewhere in Q4 2020 which could be in the month of November. However, no official confirmation is available from the company yet. Meanwhile, Oppo has already started Android 11 beta testing program for the Oppo Find X2 and Find X2 Pro models.

Supported Device List

While there is no confirmed information yet about the list of Android 11 supported devices by Oppo, as it is still in the early days of Android 11, here is a temporary list you can see:

Oppo Find X2

The Oppo Find X2 is the first to witness the stunning ColorOS 8 based on the Oppo Find X2 series Android 11R that could get any other Oppo smartphone before it. This was confirmed by Oppo today i.e. June 12, that Oppo Find X2 will get the beta update very soon. Stay tuned here to learn more about it.

Oppo Find X2 Pro

OPPO Find X2 ProAs Android 11 Beta 1 is finally on beta devices and is also publicly for beta on other smartphones, with Oppo making a point to inform its Find X2 series users that they use the beta version of ColorOS Will be one of the first to do so. 8 based on Android 11. At this time, we do not know about recruitment or when it will be available, OPPO will inform users and we will work here.

Oppo Ace2

The Oppo Ace 2 5G Android 11Ace2 is currently a top-tier flagship smartphone under the banner of Oppo, running Android 10-based ColorOS 7.0 out-of-the-box. There is no doubt that it will get Android 11-based ColorOS 8.0, although Oppo confirmed or even posted a temporary timeline for the same.

Oppo F11 Pro

Download Oppo F11 Pro Stock Wallpaper With some add-ons and extras, the Oppo F11 Pro is likely to receive the upcoming Android 11 sometime after the operating system launch in August this year.


Oppo F11 standard Oppo F11 was launched in May 2019 with Android Pie 9.0 operating system. It is a midrange device and is also one of the candidates who can get Android 11 upgrade when Oppo arrives. But hey, take it with a pinch of salt.

Oppo A1k

The Oppo A1kSince the Oppo A1K came with Android 9.0 Pie, it is also a candidate that might get the Android 11R upgrade, although we are still sure of the exact date.

Oppo A9 (2020)

General Issues in Oppo A9 2020 Oppo A9 is a mid-range smartphone running on Android 9.0 Pie with Snapdragon 665 SoC under the hood. It is eligible for the Android 11 upgrade, although it remains at the discretion of Oppo whether to roll out the update. This means that you will have to wait until Oppo releases an official Android 11 schedule.

Oppo A9x

Common problems in Oppo A9xAnother mid-range device, Oppo A9x gets Android 9.0 Pie out-of-the-box. With this, it is easy to assume that it will get the Android 11 upgrade, although the final decision is for Oppo and we will have to wait for the official release schedule to find out more.

Oppo A92s

Recently announced, Oppo A92s comes with ColorOS 7.0 based on Android 10. It is likely to be upgraded to Android 11 R next year, although the timeline is still unavailable.

Oppo A52

Oppo A52 Android 11The A52 made it official in April 2020 with Android 10 out-of-the-box. The device is no doubt the reason for getting Android 11R, but so far a specific date has been associated with it.

Oppo K3

Oppo K3The midrange Oppo K3 is likely to compete with Android 11 R based on the fact that it was released with Android 9.0 Pie. But hey, take it with a pinch of salt.

Oppo Reno 5G

The Oppo Reno 5GIt packs in a flagship Snapdragon 855 chipset. Oppo Reno 5G is based on upgrading to Android 9.0 ColorOS 6 and Android 10. Since it is a flagship device, there is no doubt that it is among some of the people in Oppo who are in the lineup to be upgraded to Android 11 which will apparently be second. Probably the ultimate upgrade from Android.

Oppo reno z

The Oppo Reno Z ColorOS 7 Android 10 update is expected to be released on 26 February Helio P90-powered Reno Z was launched in June 2019 with Android 9.0 out-of-the-box. As we are talking about the Reno Z, it is also one of the recipients that is likely to be upgraded to Android 11R, although the timeline is in question as of right now.

Oppo Reno 2Z

Oppo Reno2 Z Software Update TrackerWith Android 9.0 Pie out-of-the-box, the device is undoubtedly one of the recipients of Android 11R which has already received Android 10 sometime next year.

Oppo Reno 2F

OPPO Reno2 F ColorOS 7 (Android 10) update trial version starts soon. In October last year, Reno2 F was launched with Android 9.0-based ColorOS 6.1. Since it belongs to the Reno 2 series and is barely a year old, it is likely to receive the Android 11R OTA update later when it launches later this year. We wrote the exact or temporary date at this time.

Oppo Reno 2

Download Oppo Reno 2 January 2020 Security Patch: CPH1907EX_11_A.28. The upper midrange Oppo Reno 2 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G under the hood. Released in August 2019, the device is currently running on Android 10 and is due for Android 11 next year as well.

Oppo A5 (2020)

Oppo A5 2020A5 (2020) created Oppo's smartphone catalog in October last year with Android 9.0 Pie on-board. The phone is likely to be bumped to the upcoming Android 11, though it is still speculation as the Chinese brand has yet to

Oppo Reno A

Renault A, the phone was announced in September last year and went on sale in October. The phone runs on Snapdragon 710 SoC with Android 9.0 Pie by default. So, it is likely that Reno A could be one of the recipients of Android 11R without any doubt.

Oppo Reno Ace

Oppo Reno Ace Android 10 Update with ColorOS 7: Third Batch Initial Adapter. The Oppo Reno Ace is the flagship device that promotes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ under the hood. This device runs on Android 10 by default which means that it will get Android 11R possibly in Q4 2020 or Q1 2021 but the exact date is not available.

Oppo K5

Oppo K5With Snapdragon 730G On-board, the Oppo K5 is a mid-range smartphone running by default on Android 9.0 Pie and is upgradeable on Android 10. As it is still in a two-year support period, it is likely to get Android 11R. Perhaps the exact date remains a mystery at this time.

Oppo A11

The Oppo A11Oppo A11 is a mid-range device with Snapdragon 665 SoC on-board. Since it came with Android 9.0 Pie, it is eligible for Android 11R by an estimated time, although we are aware of the timeline until Oppo confirms the same.

Oppo A8

The Oppo A8Oppo A8 is another budget phone that may have to receive Android 11R update based on the fact that it arrived with Android 9.0 Pie out-of-the-box. Note that we are yet aware of the timeline.

Oppo A91

The Oppo A91Oppo A91 puts a Realme-style camera setup to shame. It comes with the Helio P70 processor on-board and was released with Android 9.0 Pie out-of-the-box. It was surprising if it gets as Android 11R sometime next year, though we are unaware of it so far.

Oppo Reno 3

Unlike its 5G counterpart, the Reno3 is equipped with the Helio P90 chipset and is not supported by 5G. The device is currently on sale worldwide with Android 10 out-of-the-box. This makes the recipient of a fixed shot for Android 11R early next year. Check back for a revised timeline if available.

Oppo Reno 3 5G

The latest in the Reno series, Reno 3G debuted in December 2019 with Android 10-based ColorOS 7.0. This makes it one of the early adopters of Android 11 that could start by the end of this year while the final update schedule will have a steady rollout in Q1 or Q2 2021 that Oppo did after the Android 10 rollout.

Oppo Reno 3 Youth

Oppo Reno 3 is the latest addition to the Youth Reno 3 series. It sports a Snapdragon 765G processor enhancing 5G capacity. There is no doubt that it could be one of the recipients of ANdroid 11 R in the near future.

Oppo Reno 3 Pro

Oppo Reno 3 Pro Reno 3 Pro was announced in March 2020 with Helio P95 processor. This 4G device is rolled out with the latest Android 10-based ColorOS 7 and is slated to receive the Android 11R upgrade, although we were sure to be sure about the exact date. This can happen at any time in Q1 or Q2 2021.

Oppo Reno 3 Pro 5G

This is the 5G version of the Reno 3 Pro with Snapdragon 765G under the hood. The phone is currently running on the latest ColorOS 7.0 based on Android 10. There is no doubt that the phone will collide with Android 11R (ColorOS 8), although the timeline is still unavailable. According to speculations, this can happen at any time in Q1 or Q2 2021.


Oppo F15 Android 11 (ColorOS 8) update: What do we know so far? The Oppo F15 is the latest for the F-Series. Earlier this year in January, it is likely to receive Android 11R, but remains to be confirmed by Oppo.


Oppo A31 Android 11 (ColorOS 8) update: What do we know so far? Oppo A31 has Helio P35 processor with triple camera on the rear. The device is in the budget category and since it was released in February 2020, it could bump into Android 11R, although we are 100% sure by the time an official timeline is published by the Chinese smartphone giant.

Oppo Find X2

There is no doubt that the Android XR and Android 12S in the Find X2 will cite its flagship status and Snapdragon 865 chipset on-board. The thing is, OPPO confirmed the exact or temporary dates, yet you have to wait for it.

Oppo Find X2 Pro

Like the Find X2, the Pro version is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 865 processor and runs on Android 10-based ColorOS 7.0. It will also get an Android 11 upgrade but no Intel is yet expected on the exact date and time.

Oppo Find X2 Lite

Oppo Find X2 Lite Android 11 (ColorOS 8) update: What do we know so far? Oppo Find X2 Lite has been announced and is awaiting sale in some parts of the world. The phone comes with Android 10 out-of-the-box and is without a doubt qualified to get Android 11R. Yet another specific date for the rollout requires you to wait for official confirmation.

Oppo Reno

Oppo Reno brings a Snapdragon 710 SoC on-board. Expected to be released in April 2019, it is likely to bump into Android 11R, considering the fact that it made its debut with Android 9.0 and was later upgraded to Android 10. The upcoming update may be its last major OS upgrade.

Oppo Reno 10x Zoom

The Oppo Reno 10x Zoom is a flagship device with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC under the hood. The device recently received an Android 10 upgrade and is queuing up to get Android 11 OS to make sure. Perhaps, we are not yet aware of the timeline.

Oppo Find X

The iconic OPO Find X made its debut in July 2018. With Android 9.0 Pie, the device has now been upgraded to Android 10-based ColorOS 7.0. Given its dominant status, Find X is likely to be upgraded to Android 11, although I'm not sure about the timeline.

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